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The game of keno is an extremely entertaining one, but many newcomers to the game or the world of casinos and gambling itself may not know all of the ins and outs. Our team aims to put those worries to rest and give all newcomers a solid knowledge of the game so that they can have a confident first game.

Jeremy Ellington

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When I was in university, me and my friends used to have an online gambling night at least once a week. It was a great way to rid ourselves of the stress of uni work and maybe add some cash to our pockets in the process. My favourite game was keno and I was actually quite good at it. My friends would sometimes call me the “Duke” of keno (my last name is Ellington…). From then on, casinos have always just been a natural part of my life, whether it be bricks and mortar establishments or online casinos, and while I’m happy to have a flutter on the other tables (or even the slots), keno is still my passion!

Peter Abrams

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Compared to the rest of my team I am considered somewhat of a newbie at keno. I only started taking an interest in the world of casinos with the influx of the online scene. Suddenly this world I knew nothing about was cropping up everywhere. It seemed pretty exciting and I was toying with the idea of visiting a casino anyway, so I thought I might as well start from the comfort of my own home and if I didn’t like it, then so be it. Luckily, I loved it. I was instantly hooked. From then on it was been a weekly tradition for me to play at least one game of keno, it can be a great stress relief for all those long and tiresome days in the office.

Gwen Carols

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As a full-time Mum I would rarely get a minute to myself. I was constantly chasing around after my two-year-old whilst my five-year-old was causing mayhem somewhere else. When they finally settled down it would be late into the evening and I would have no time to do anything for myself. That was when I discovered online casinos. I have always loved popping around to my local casino every now and then just to have a few games of blackjack or keno but once I had the kids that soon stopped. But thanks to the influx of new online casino sites I have even more options than I have ever had before.

I hope that I can share some of my experiences of online casinos with you and bring you the best strategies and the most topical and relevant information about all the different developers, an aspect of casino life that you may not be used to. Whether you’re already a fan of keno or whether you’ve never tried it before, this could be the perfect way to find out more about this fun game.